There's No Need For Loved Ones To Be Traumatized Twice

There's No Need For Loved Ones To Be Traumatized Twice Crime Scene Cleanup is a necessity in today's world. Every minute in this country a violent crime occurs. When the incident causes bloodshed in your home or office professional services are needed. Spaulding Decon exists to get your home or office in pre-incident condition. As a crime scene veteran, and the president of Spaulding Decon I became used to the visual shock of blood-splattered crime scenes. But the one thing I never could get out of my mind were the inevitable questions asked by victims' relatives.

"Why hasn't anyone cleaned up the blood?" or "When will you come back to clean up the crime scene?" They'd say, trying to avoid looking toward the scene.

Back then, I used to have just a single answer: law enforcement does not serve as the clean up crew. It is a common misconception that law enforcement will not only cleanup the crime scene, but refer you to someone who will. There was no one I could refer relatives to, no comforting next step to be taken toward the healing process. Often, as I left a crime scene, I knew that those relatives would attempt to clean the grisly scene themselves. "That's being traumatized twice, I had to do something."

It is the homeowners or business owners responsibility to contract a qualified company to cleanup the scene. It is your ethical responsibility to disinfect and eliminate body fluids from the area. Failure to do so could result in illnesses from anyone exposed, and serious litigation. The State of Florida does not require professional decontamination in public places after shootings or accidents. If your home or business was used to manufacture methamphetamine, or had an incident where body fluids are present please contact a licensed and insured bio-hazard remediation company to assist you.

The inspiration to help victims and their families turned into Spaulding Decon, a fully licensed and insured crime scene clean up company that focuses on homicide, accidental death, vehicle decontamination and more. The Spaulding Decon team are fully qualified to disinfect a crime scene - even one where vast quantities of blood are present.

To achieve that qualification, the Spaulding group attends numerous trainings and takes every precaution to halt the spread of blood borne pathogens. Specialized equipment is an everyday uniform for the crime scene cleaner, and the company even offers a service for the disposal of sharps and medical waste.

Whether there's visible blood present at a crime scene or not, Spaulding advises against acting as "a good Samaritan" and cleaning it yourself

"We're the experts at this," she says. "Protect yourself from blood borne pathogens and the emotional trauma that can arise from crime scene clean up."

Call a Spaulding Decon Specialist 24 hours a day at 866-99-DECON for a Crime Scene Blood Clean Up Expert.

When Tragedy Strikes... Spaulding Decon is there to help.

by: Gen Wright

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There's No Need For Loved Ones To Be Traumatized Twice Virginia There's No Need For Loved Ones To Be Traumatized Twice Ashburn