Skechers Shape-ups Get You Fit While You Walk

Skechers Shape-ups Get You Fit While You Walk Fitness and style have finally come together, under the signature S logo to invigorate your walking routine. It may sound trite, but its true: when you look good, you feel good. Exercise routines can quickly pale when you start to feel frumpy in drab workout gear, but with Skechers Shape-Ups, youll get pumped as you lace up your shoes.

In addition to keeping with contemporary fashion, Skechers Shape-Ups expertly combine two powerful components: multi-layered foam support, and a unique shape that allows you to tone and strengthen your lower body and your core with each and every step. Shape-Ups let you conveniently build a workout routine into your everyday walks.

To maximize the muscle toning effects, its generally advised to buy Shape-Ups a half size to one full size up. Here are a few of the amazing Shape-Up models you have to choose from:


The Optimize gives you plenty of incentive to pick up your pace! It is classically designed, and wide and spacious enough to make your feet feel like theyre floating on air. Sketchers Shape-Ups arent only for the outdoors. Theyre also perfect for jobs that have you on your feet a lot. The white leather or black nubuck is ideal for uniforms and dress codes, and allows for lots of breathing room, so your feet dont feel sore or perspire too much. Cushioning around the top means that no matter how tightly you cinch the laces, youll still feel supreme comfort.


Give the Optimize a bit more splash of color, and you have the Strength! The black and white nubuck and the navy and white nubuck have a little more detail, but just as much appeal. Switch into the power walking mode during your lunch hour, or enjoy the bouncy cushioning while playing your favorite sport.


The streamlined look of the Metabolize lets you pair these shoes with a wide variety of outfits. Wear the black or white leather shoe while running errands, exercising, or simply during your daily routine to bolster your weight loss and toning efforts easily. Every time you put these shoes on, youll be reminded of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Action Packed

Action Packed Shape-Ups have it all. The extensive cushioning from the insole to the heel to the tongue and collar will make your feet feel supremely pampered. These fashionable shoes tone muscles as you walk, and provide superior shock absorption to stabilize every step. Bright pink accents on the grey/pink nubuck/white mesh and bright blue accents on the charcoal nubuck/black mesh make this a sneaker a fun, sporty and refreshing fashion statement.

Trim Step

If youre looking for all of the benefits of Shape-Ups, but you dont want a sneaker, the Trim Step is the perfect fit. With this stylish sandal, fitness is a breeze. A dainty side buckle and loop, and patterned laces running through the black or chocolate leather make these shoes a summer necessity. The Trim Step is ideal for summer dresses, skirts and shorts. Now you can incorporate an amazing workout into your casual summer walks. Whether youre strolling around the park with friends and family members, or walking to your favorite al-fresco restaurant, you can reap the benefits of Shape-Ups in total style.


In an elegant combination of black suede/leather or toffee suede/leather, and detailed with a crisscross strap, the Physical is an elegant, Mary Jane style shoe thats right at home in the office or out for a nice dinner. Not enough can be said about the sole and platform of shoes like these. If youve worn Mary Janes before, you know that they dont often provide much padding or support. But with Shape-Ups, you dont have to choose between comfort and fashion. These ultra stylish shoes can help you boost your muscle activity with every step. Imagine toning your legs and your core every time you walk out the door, all while expressing your great fashion sense.

Sleek Fit

The Sleek Fit Mary Janes single strap gracefully frames your foot within mesh and black nubuck, stone nubuck (with gray contrast), or white leather. These shoes are perked up by little waves of stitching along the sides, a subtle hint of the active motion youre inspired to create. This is a sporty little shoe that pairs well with sundresses and skirts, and provides all the physical benefits of more athletic looking Shape-Ups.

Walking is perhaps one of the most accessible and convenient ways to get in great shape, regardless of your age or fitness level. Skechers Shape-Ups let you transform your walks into muscle sculpting workouts. Whether youre taking your dog for a walk, pushing a stroller, taking a quick jaunt to the neighborhood corner store, or walking through the park on a beautiful day, Shape-Ups help you achieve amazing results. Skechers Shape-Ups will improve your circulation and breathing, align your posture, and keep you looking and feeling great on the inside and outside.

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