Warehousing Your Possessions For Storage

Warehousing Your Possessions For Storage Before warehousing your possessions for storing you need to visit the warehouse facility. Inspecting the premises is important as you need to be comfortable with the environment where your possessions are going to be stored. You need to ensure that the warehouse is clean and that they have adequate security arrangements.

You also need to check how your possessions will be stored. How are they going to be stored on pallets? How are they going to be stored on shelves? Are there vaults (secure wooden containers) for your items of furniture? Check the items already stored in the warehouse. Watch the warehouse operators handle possessions during warehousing. This will reflect how your possessions will be handled and stored.

Moving And Transporting

You have the option of both moving and transporting all your possessions to the warehouse on your own or hire a moving service to do it for you. Many warehousing facilities also provide moving and transporting services. It may be advisable to use professionals to help you.

They may also be able to provide packing services. This too is desirable because packing heavy items of possessions will not be easy for you. In addition, they have the appropriate packing materials to do an efficient job. You can use the packing, moving, and transporting services provided by the storing facility or contact an outside service to help you.

Find out what it will cost you to use these extra services. The warehousing facility will send people to estimate the size of the unit on the basis of what you wish to store in their facility. Once the cost issues are sorted out, their professionals will move in to pack and prepare your items to be transported for storage.


After they have packed all your items and are ready to move, the staff of the warehouse will arrange to complete all the paperwork involved for moving; unless, of course, you are moving your possessions on your own into the warehouse. In that case the inventory will be taken at the warehouse.

At the time of pickup, the representative of the warehouse facility will make a detailed inventory of the items packed for storage. The inventory includes the condition of your items at that particular time. The facility is responsible for your belongings while they are under their possession. The contract specifies where your belongings will be stored.

Warehouse facilities have retrieval schedules and you need to be aware of these. As your items will be handled by the operators for retrieval they will charge appropriate fees for the same. You need to be aware of the charges involved.

Many warehouse facilities offer a free insurance coverage. On your introductory visit you need to learn about the coverage, the monthly rentals, and the retrieval fees as well as other charges, if any.

Though the rentals are charged monthly, after the first month you will probably be charged on a pro-rata basis if you retrieve your possessions in between the month. Get all the information from the warehousing facilities before you decide on one facility.

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