Tips For Turning Your Jewelry To Cash At A Gold Party

Tips For Turning Your Jewelry To Cash At A Gold Party It's been around for thousands of years and is one of the most precious metals on earth: gold. Throughout history many have rushed to acquire some, now, many are rushing to sell some. With gold prices at an all time high many are taking advantage of this by turning their gold jewelry, platinum, and fine watches into cash.

Recently individuals have been attending "Gold Parties." They are the latest trend in buying, selling, and trading fine jewelry and watches. As it sweeps across the country many are wondering what the pros and cons are to this new gold rush.

First, everyone at a gold party makes money. That is definitely a pro! Everyone brings their gold, platinum jewelry or fine watches they don't want. After it gets evaluated and weighed, it's turned into cash. Depending on how the party is run, if there is a hostess she may receive as much as 10% of the profit. Because there is some sort of middleman involved in a gold party, sellers generally receive about 70% of the real value of their items. To get the best return on their items, many people go directly to a dealer.

Second, a gold party is a good place to not just sell jewelry items, but also to buy or trade with another seller or even a jeweler. They are generally fun and exciting parties as everyone will come away having gained something, whether it is cash or a new-to-them jewelry item which they may choose to sell later down the road.

Though the prospects of cashing in gold and other fine jewelry sounds great, what about scams? The best way sellers can protect themselves is to have an upstanding jewelry consultant help them by teaching them how to detect fake gold and to consult for pricing accuracy. It's also wise to know the background of the hostess and to acquire both legitimate references and first-hand feedback from former party participants. If the whole idea of the gold party is new to someone, going to one without any obligation to observe and to have a couple jewelry pieces appraised is a good place to start. And then taking those jewelry pieces somewhere else for a second appraisal to see how things line upTips For Turning Your Jewelry To Cash At A Gold Party

Gold parties are certainly an intriguing trend. Whether being a part of one interests you or not, hopefully your senses are a-tune now to thinking about turning some of your own jewelry into cash. Hosting or going to a gold party is one way to do that, or you may want to simply go directly to a trusted jeweler. Either way there's money to be made all around. And that's good news in a struggling economy. Gold, it's all the rush.

by: Dan Smith..

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