Tips For Selling Silver Jewelry

Tips For Selling Silver Jewelry why does silver jewelry and gemstones cost so much? This is a line which most people selling quality silver jewelry have heard often while selling their pieces. The simple reason why customers are prone to believing why silver jewelry ought to be cheaper than gold jewelry is because the price of silver is about 1/50th of the price of gold.

At the same time you know the amount of effort, time, creativity, labor (and more importantly the amount of silver) that has gone into the creation of that beautiful piece of silver jewelry. And you dont really want to sacrifice all that, do you?

So how do you sell your silver jewelry? Here are a few suggestions that you can use:

1) Keep the prices of all the jewelry you make in a certain range. Most galleries dont deal in designers who sell their jewelry below a certain price range. If you are in competition with the different market players, make sure that your prices are also competitive. Also, it is important to know that most galleries generally take a percentage of your retail price as their commission. Factor that into your pricing strategies.

2) Be where your market is. This is a fundamental concept. Depending upon the kind of work you do, you should sell where people looking for your kind of work are likely to be buying.

3) Your jewel is a work of art. It is your talent and your vision. Sell that to the client not the materials. What you are making is not an ordinary ring or bracelet. It involves a lot of hard work designing and crafting that beautiful piece of art. Convince your customers accordingly.

4) Retain your high quality. Stress on the durability of your piece of jewelry. That is always important. Your clients should know that for the price that they are paying, the piece of jewelry will last them a long time

5) Educate the customers about the care of the jewelry. Most designers often provide a silver polishing cloth along with the jewelry. Also educate your clients regarding the gemstone that they are buying. some gemstones such as coral or pearls etc should not be polished along with the silver to retain their original luster and shine. While selling your piece, tell the customer how to best take care of the jewelry item that they have purchased.

6) Most often a exclusive and valuable piece of jewelry usually has a story to tell behind it. Tell your clients what inspired you to design / craft that beautiful work of art. So many times, an interesting and captivating story will easily sell the piece for you.

7) Accept credit cards. Many people buy jewelry gemstones without planning. They may not be carrying cash or cheque books with them. Make sure that you can accept their money, in whatever mode that they can pay. It doesnt cost much to be able to accept credit card payments. And it is often a preferred mode of payment especially for costly items of jewelry.

8) And the most important rule of all maintain your exclusivity. Dont ever compete with mass purchased jewelry. Make sure that your jewelry pieces are exclusive and that your clients know it.

All these tips should help you sell your exclusive and quality silver jewelry and gemstones to clients and help you explain to the clients that they are not just buying a ring or a bracelet - they are buying a work of art.

by: Mithun Rao

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