The Great Obama Too Good To Visit The Berlin Wall.

The Great Obama  Too Good To Visit The Berlin Wall. Russian imperial Fascism under the name of Communism fell 20 years ago this week. It was a signal change in all matters of geo-politics. Freedom, human aspiration and morality were victorious. Another Fascist-Marxist nightmare in which at least 30 million innocents were murdered and over 300 millions more kept in a state of bondage and suffering was erased. American leadership was the central reason why Communism collapse. But for the Black Jesus socializing 20% of US GDP, is far more important than celebrating the collapse of a system he most likely cherished and now misses rampant, Fascist-Marxist statism. Why indeed go to Berlin to celebrate that?

When you are the most important human ever, your time is of course limited. You can't possibly send a message about America's purpose, its experiment and its centrality in effacing one of history's beastliest criminal regimes. So much to do. Socializing Health Care. Over-regulating and managing the US financial system. Controlling the US media. Reading that one book a year.

When the Berlin Wall fell, it gave truth to the lie of Statism. When the Berlin Wall fell, the geo-political shift was enormous. When the Berlin Wall fell Fukuyama's 'End of History' became a flawed but promising intonation of a Brave New World centered around freedom and some form of popular representation. The collapse of the wall in Berlin did portend until the rise of Putin the potential for Russia to join civilization's development. It was a colossal fall.

But not for the Prophet Obamed. No, he was far too busy to waste his time with such trivialities. Communism's collapse according to his 'world view' was going to happen anyways. Gorbachev the almost clownish Communist figure who tried to save his empire but helped in its demolition, is for the Black Jesus and the Leftist jet-set the principal agent responsible for its liquidation.

Truman, Kenan's containment, the aggressiveness of Reagan, Thatcher, and the moral clarity of American ideals harrumpf. They had nothing to do with it. It was all Gorby.

Maybe the Great Black God did not condescend to travel to Berlin due to his arrogance and stupidity which precludes honoring American, Polish, Czech and other efforts and people in dismantling one of the worst regimes in history. After all the only actions worth noting are his own.

Or maybe it is his divine superior-narcissism which prevents him from condescendingly showing his precense at an event greater than he is. That cannot be tolerated

Or maybe it is his affectation for all things Statist and Communal. Perhaps in his days at Columbia and Harvard with the endless repetition of American evil, crimes and cultural relativity; the Black God decided that Russian Fascism was in fact just another form of social organization superior in many ways to the Western and American model. So why celebrate its collapse.

Why indeed oh Great Prophet. Communism was not evil in his view. Like Islam it has its advantages and disadvantages. Like Islam it has contributed 'massively' to the creation of the modern world. Like Islam it had millions of devotees sure of their own piety, goodness and morality. And like Islam it had all the marks of a religious cult devotion, prostration, reality distortion, a hatred for the modern world, death, destruction......So why indeed condemn it or ensure that such a program of terror never rises again?

Prophet Obamed does not feel that Communism's collapse is worth celebrating. That much is obvious. He might even 'miss' the existence of an ideal he privately supports complete state control over all matters.

The above line of logic would help explain the existence of many of the radicals in his White House including his wife, she of the Black Power theology degree [in common parlance called Black Racism]. It would also explain his policies doubling the national debt, owning banks and car companies, trying to control health care and trying to enforce eco-nonsense regulation and sur-taxation. Simply put the Great Prophet has an affinity for the Marxist-Fascist program.

And another small point. He would never go to Berlin since it was of course 'Conservative Americans' who destroyed Communism. The Conservative Democrats Truman and JFK knew the menace of Russian Fascism and fought it through a containment policy. After the disaster of Jimmy Carter, Reagan made it quite clear that Russia would lose the Cold War. The Russian system was embargoed, supplies from France and Germany stopped; the Communist state was isolated and fought by the US and its proxies across the globe. The American economic system was reformed inspiring market based initiatives, economic growth and prosperity. The Russians were doomed.

For the Great Prophet all of the above is distasteful. Markets, wars, embargoes, Manichean view of evil and good? None of it resonates with his holy genius the Black God. For Obama Communism was good just badly implemented. The fact that 30 odd millions were murdered or 300 million enslaved is a minor point for him. Statism in the mind of Obama is preferable to freedom. Therein lies his indifference.

by: C. Read

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The Black God who seems to believe that Islamic fundamentalism and Russian Fascism are all part of social organization has refused to visit the Berlin Wall, yet according to Craigsread show's, hypocrisy in the fact that he believes in united healthcare and took some control of banking. Many believe that Islam is a moon cult and so are it's ways, and many believe that the Black God is setting up his own false belief sys guest:  register | login     IP( Virginia / Ashburn Processed in 0.149918 second(s), 10 queries debug code: 16 , 5839, 146, 106
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