The Charisma Of Charm Bracelets

The Charisma Of Charm Bracelets A lot Ancient Egyptians used charm bracelets inorder to defend against evil and to show up their status in the society. Other cultural people also used them for credulous reasons. A lot of soldiers who use to go to the battle used tokens for their defense in battles. They use to rely more on charm bracelets and tokens than on their armor and ability.

As days passed by, people started to associate dark magic with pagan rituals and witches. One such belief was that rabbits were truly witches in masquerade so as defense, for this reason people wore a rabbit's foot as a protector against evil spirits.

Ultimately, these superstitious thinking moved away & people started wearing them as a style statement. Even Queen Victoria was well-known for her wide collection of charm bracelets. In the mid 50s people had a fascination for these charm bracelets because of its design and its popularity. This jewelry designs was been very popular in the mid 50s, declined in the 70s. As days passed by, the popularity of charm bracelets faded away.

A fashion statement for everyone

The traditional fashion is a charm bracelet linked to a chain. The chain was linked to the charm bracelet with the help of loops through which the charms where fixed, the figure, picture, emblem and the token hangings from the loop. At this time, not everyone wants or likes to have some thing which dangles but the concept of their jewelry is acceptable.

The special design of charm bracelet utilizes individual links which shows the attraction of the face. It is fixed as a connection to a flexible bracelet. As exclusive tokens are selected, the blank connections are put back. Another modern-day style utilizes a curved bracelet & the tokens hold tightly around it making them to spin and move around.

Special Care should be taken for these piece

For the designs, cautiously soak in humid soapy water & clean with a soft cloth. Charm bracelets could be cleaned with soft cloth. Gold pieces could be cleaned like other gold jewelries, just be cautious with the hanging pieces and with pieces which are enameled. Chemicals can damage the finishing of tinted pieces. Otherwise, normal jewelry cleaner could be utilized to take away the remains.

The phenomenon

Why is this jewelry so famous? In olden times they were jewelries specific for women and men; they used them as defensive amulets and as mark of respect in the society. While they have turned out to be more of a trend instead of using for protection and for good luck, girls and women enjoy their personalities with the tokens they used. Each charms is usually selected cautiously and since the item has a few sense to the wearer.

They are very fashionable and trendy as gift items, mainly on events such as a sweet sixteen. This kind of expressive jewelry is also a famous family heirloom.

This piece of expressive jewelry is also a popular family heirloom. Obviously, a lot of women wear charm bracelets for fun. These days, there are charm bracelets for animals, sports, numbers, letters, professions, pictures, symbols and many more

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