Small Business Cash Advance Without A Personal Guarantee

Small Business Cash Advance Without A Personal Guarantee You have worked and saved for a long time, honing your skills, locating the just right spot, and hiring the perfect crew. Finally, you open your first business. Then one day, you discover you are in need of a business cash advance to make a repair or to spread into the adjoining space, but where to come across the money?

The bank is doubtful to loan you any capital. Not only are you still a "new business" and thus a more of a risk according to their numbers, you just don't encompass a flawless credit record. Nearly all people don't. So what can you do? Relax, and turn to your business cash advance professional.

A business cash advance broker deals with businesses of all sizes and ages. Even a company that has simply been in function for a 3 months has an established credit card transaction history. Based upon that, a business cash advance company will offer the advance in a factoring agreement.

Never heard of a factoring agreement? Many haven't. A factoring agreement involves selling, at a discount, a portion of projected credit card sales in exchange for capital in hand now. What good would it do you to identify you can keep the money over the next three years when the possibility to expand into your neighboring space is vacant now?

Granted, it would be best to always have a pile of money on hand for just such opportunities, but for the preliminary couple of years, money is always tight for a new corporation. Even well-known businesses that have been around a long time have instances when they require unexpected purchases or repairs, and having access to business cash advances can make all the differenceSmall Business Cash Advance Without A Personal Guarantee

So, whether your vision involves purchasing those hand blown lamp shades to give your restaurant just the right look, or it means purchasing that new piece of equipment, remember that business cash advances are as close as that credit card terminal sitting on your counter.

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