Save Money With a Quality Set of Small Garage Plans

Save Money With a Quality Set of Small Garage PlansAuthor: Rj Levan

Depending on where you live, you may have the opportunity and/or need to construct a garage on your property. My father built a two-car garage from scratch when I was younger, and it provided a valuable addition to our property. We were able to increase storage space, and there was room for my dad's shop equipment (which was never organized or clean!).

For most of us, building a garage is a job for someone else - a contractor. Using this avenue, the costs of building a small garage can be more than we want to spend. A powerful solution is to purchase a quality set of small garage plans. Now you may ask......why buy plans if someone else is doing the building?

Reason 1: With a set of professional plans, you can see what is necessary for the desired small garage project, and buy the materials yourself. You can then hire a contractor or subcontractor to do the building. This may not seem like a popular job, but in today's declining economic climate, any work may come as a welcome sight for an out-of-work builder looking to put food on the table.

Reason 2: You can actually do some of the construction work yourself. Even if you are hiring out the actual building of your project, a quality set of small garage plans will detail some of the more specific aspects of the job, which you may be capable of doing. Most of us have the ability to paint or stain wood, and don't need to pay someone to do these things. Another example is wiring your new structure. Even though this is a job for a specialist, my father-in-law is a retired electrical engineer, and would be willing to do this part of the job for free (or for a few cans of beer!).

Reason 3: You reduce the capacity to have materials and labor marked up to industry costs. The more "middlemen" you have working on any sizable project, the higher the overall cost. Having the plans to look over will maximize your budget, as you are not trusting the local Home Depot, or the top-ranked garage builder from the newspaper ads to run the numbers for your small garage.

Having a top-notch set of small garage plans can quite valuable, even if you are not up for the building task yourself.

If you have the ability to utilize a set of quality small garage plans, or even do the construction yourself, I strongly recommend you visit You will find everything you need for your small garage project, and much more.

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