Rfid Applications For Businesses-what To Consider Before You Make The Investment

Rfid Applications For Businesses-what To Consider Before You Make The Investment There are new RFID applications for libraries, public and private schools, universities, resorts, race car drivers, retail and wholesale merchants, hospitals, casinos, doctor's offices and museums. Employee's identification badges, tags on the ears of farm animals and all kinds of vehicles can be equipped with the tracking devices.

They are used to pay for tolls, keep track of inventory and monitor employee movement. No matter what business you are in, there is likely some way to make use of the technology.

An experienced systems consultant can help you identify the practical uses and tailor the database to meet your individual business needs. It would be senseless to invest in the technology without investing in a customized application.

The return on your investment will be greater. The breakeven point will come faster. Actually, without a customized data transport system, the technology may be completely worthless.

Not every system is designed for making money. One was created to help European town councils comply with directives concerning landfill waste.

The European Union has a goal to reduce the amount of landfill waste generated by households and businesses. The percentage of people that recycle in the UK is apparently very low.

Local governments hope to implement higher taxes for people that generate more landfill waste. RFID applications were developed with the help of a German systems consultant to monitor the amount of waste created by households in a number of communities

This is not a money-making scheme. But, the government hopes that it will help them pay for the cost of waste removal fairly by making those people who generate more trash pay more taxes.

What did the system cost? The government paid 5 million pounds to implement the program in 40 different communities.

The complete system included RFID chips for each trash bin, scanning devices for each trash truck, a customized data transport system and a home database for each community. The chips cost only 2 pounds each. The scanning devices cost around 15,000 each. The rest of the 5 million pays for the database, the data transport system and the systems consultant fees.

This example is not an illustration of how much you can expect to pay for RFID applications for your business. It does illustrate how the total price breaks down.

As the technology advances, the cost of hardware like scanners and chips goes down. The devices become smaller and easier to use.

The fees charged by an experienced systems consultant may be lower than those charged by someone inexperienced, simply because it takes them less time to implement your company's RFID applications.

by: Tom Gruich

About the Author:

Tom Gruich is a professional database and software designer with 40 years experience in systems analysis and design of database software applications. For more database business mapping thoughts and money-making design ideas please visit Database Design Business or his Smart Database website at => http://www.adaptcode.com

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Rfid Applications For Businesses-what To Consider Before You Make The Investment Virginia Rfid Applications For Businesses-what To Consider Before You Make The Investment Ashburn