Quixotic City Of San Antonio, Texas, Usa Breaks For You And Your Spouse: Rooms, Family Bond Time And

Quixotic City Of San Antonio, Texas, Usa Breaks For You And Your Spouse: Rooms, Family Bond Time And San Antonio Vacations and Giovannis Pizza

When you go on San Antonio Vacations you will find that people in San Antonio have a way of doing things and mostly they dont pay much attention to appearances just like the old cowboy way which is what Giovannis Pizza truly embodies. On 913 South Brazos Street on the Western side of San Antonio you will find a beat up joint that you would think twice to call a diner but locals will tell you otherwise calling the best Italian dining experience youll ever have. Giovannis Pizza is famous for handmade and hand tossed pizza dough that uses only the freshest of toppings plus they also serve other Italian specialties like spaghetti and lasagna among many others. This diner also accepts catering services which means youll have to make a reservation before going or check if theyre going to be open; many people should be turned off by this inconsistency yet it only shows how good their food are to have such a big number of bookings. Pizza to taste what pure Italian heaven is like.

Special River Cruise Packages and San Antonio Vacations for the Family

You can try out the Special River Cruise Packages during your San Antonio Vacations from one of the best hotels in the city, the Westin Riverwalk San Antonio and enjoy the scenery. You can bring along your spouse and your kids since the $229 room includes the tour itself with overnight accommodations. Whats more is that you can get to cruise the Rio San Antonio River an offer good for 4 persons, a turn down service and breakfast meals are included as well for mom and dad with free food available for children below 12 years of age. Should you wish to make a reservation for this, the code is RIVERCP. Tell the front desk officer that you would be availing the Special River Cruise Package. The package, by the way, will run until December 31, 2010 and is good for 4 persons maximum at that discounted price. Now, if you are thinking of bonding time with the family, take a look at the Rio San Antonio and feel good about your life and family altogether.

Live Like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte In These San Antonio Vacations

You and your girlfriends can experience being Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbs and Charlotte York on your next San Antonio Vacations. Yeah, you heard it right its in San Antonio and not New York whoever said you cant get the Sex and the City Package and feel the heat!The Carrie package for $179 a night, takes you and your closest pal to a night of indulgence at the high-end Riverwalk Valencia. Wear your highest heel since every inch of that is $1 less per drink at the Vbar after you get the complimentary manicure and pedicure from the Versi Salon and while reading your latest Vogue magazine issue, absolutely free!You do not have to get out of bed the next day as you have the option to have your American breakfast sent over your room for your own convenience. Now isnt that absolutely worth the trip?Also included in this fabulous package is a $20 discount for more than $50 transactions at the classic Carinos boutique.

San Antonio Vacations: Thai food delights at Thai Dee Restauran

When you go on San Antonio Vacations be ready to expect the unexpected as you will get the chance to mingle with different people, see different things, and go to unusual places like the Thai Dee Restaurant. Located in 5307 Blanco Road in San Antonio Texas, Thai Dee has been serving delicious Thai food to locals and tourists who are really amazed at the uniqueness of the place. This quality leads first time visitors to believe that theyre just another highway diner passing off as a Thai restaurant which is totally the opposite of the fame they have claimed over the years; the best Thai food in the area. Everything will change though when you see the waiter coming at you bringing their famous Pad Thai Noodles or the rich Basil Noodles; the surrounding will simply become a blur as you feast on these lovely delights. So when youre in San Antonio, drop by at Thai Dees to taste Thai cuisine at its finest.

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Quixotic City Of San Antonio, Texas, Usa Breaks For You And Your Spouse: Rooms, Family Bond Time And Virginia Quixotic City Of San Antonio, Texas, Usa Breaks For You And Your Spouse: Rooms, Family Bond Time And Ashburn