Promotional Memo Blocks - The Top 5 Best Sellers

Promotional Memo Blocks - The Top 5 Best Sellers Promotional Paper Products are one of the mainstays of the Promotional Merchandise market. Millions of these extremely practical and inexpensive Promotional Gifts are given away and used daily. This article gives you all the information you need on the top 5 best selling Promotional Memo Holders and demonstrates why you should consider them for your next promotion.

Promotional Memo Blocks

These excellent desktop promotional gifts we once only available in a square shape. However you can now have then in any shape and colour you choose. The most popular version has approximately 500 sheets of paper which are glued on one side at the back to hold them together. Printing techniques have improved drastically so that these blocks can be branded in full glorious Technicolor. Additionally a pen or pencil holder hole can be drilled through the block for a small extra charge. The addition of the "don't forget to replace" me note on a few individual sheets of paper towards the bottom of the block is very clever and effective. This works extremely well and clients will often contact you for repeats.

Promotional Memo Holders

These holders offer you even greater opportunities for branding. Regular memo holders are die cut from one sheet of PVC, printed then heat folded to shape. However there is an alternative model that is manufactured in clear acrylic with a space between the front an back. This space allows you to insert a printed paper message which means your creative terms can really go to town. As with the paper memo blocks a hole can be inserted to take a pen or pencil. The other popular alternative is the addition of a small groove on two top sides which act as a cradle for any writing instrument.

Novelty Memo Holders

No longer do you have to accept just square or rectangular memo blocks because any shape can now be created. Creatives can now go to town as the manufacturers have developed tools that can make lots of different shapes. Companies such as Truck and Car manufacturers can now have the exact shape of their vehicles die cut. By printing fifty percent tones they can use photographic quality images on each sheet that look great but still allow memos to be written and seen. Further innovations such as attaching the memo blocks to mini wooden pallets make these excellent promotional products ideal business gifts

Combination Memo Holders

The advent of mobile phones has enabled manufacturers of memo holders to think a little more outside the box. Combination memo holders have been designed to hold memo sheets along with mobile phones of all shapes and sizes. Also if you have a client who uses a particular instrument of piece of equipment of their desks such a mini torches or screwdrivers etc you can ask you manufacturer to shape the design of the memo holder to fit the item exactly

Sticky Notes Memo blocks

Sticky notes is another whole subject but in terms of memo blocks they work extremely well. They are so much easier to find that the usual size sticky notes which tend to be much smaller and slip easily under any other paperwork on the table. They are definitely the Rolls Royce of promotional memo blocks but are well worth the extra investment.

With these excellent 5 top sellers it's easy to forget why these great Promotional Gifts are so effective. Never lose sight of the fact that the number one function of a piece of Promotional Merchandise is to keep it in front of your client for as long as possible. This is the reason that these products are so effective.

by: Francis Murphy

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