Options to Stop Foreclosure: How About Loan Modification?

Options to Stop Foreclosure: How About Loan Modification?Author: Hector Milla

With the state of our economy today, many are at the point of losing their homes after recent stock market failures or job losses have changed the amount of income available each month for bills and necessities.

While losing the home is promoted by loudly by banks as the most probably option awaiting in the future for those who cannot keep up with their mortgage payments, other options exist to choose from when times look bleak.

Natalia Osorio Editor of the "Stop Foreclosure Loans" website -- http://www.StopForeclosureLoans.org -- pointed out;

“…Options to stop foreclosure or to move away from the risk of foreclosure include working with the bank on friendly terms in efforts of keeping your property. Banks are not going to come to you with the question; ‘How About Loan Modification?’ this suggestion is left completely up to the homeowner to address in most areas. While banks can repossess a home that is not being paid for, it is sometimes easier for them to adjust terms on loans…”

Normally, a loan modification is asked for after a payment has been missed. The person experiencing a new financial situation goes to the bank and explains their current economic situation while suggesting new loan terms that they can perhaps keep up with. Banks are not forced to negotiate with people who are falling behind on payments, but often will attempt to help people who are seriously trying to meet payment issues.

Loan modifications can be made on a temporary basis, or they can be made as permanent adjustments in the mortgage conditions. For those considering this way of staying out of foreclosure proceedings, be aware that interest rates and fees can adjust along with the actual loan amount so that the bank is paid back for their kindness.

“…Today, everybody is aware that the economy is causing problems for otherwise stable people; there is no shame involved with asking for loan modification help when you need it…” N. Osorio added.

Further information about how to get professional assistance with a mortgage loan modification by http://www.StopForeclosureLoans.org

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