Monavie Review - Is The Acai Berry A Good Business Opportunity?

Monavie Review - Is The Acai Berry A Good Business Opportunity? MonaVie is a startup which formed in 2005, using a direct sales or network marketing mode. MonaVie was founded by Daillin Larsen, former USANA VP of Sales, Dynamic Essentials VP (from From December of 2001 until February of 2003 when closed by FDA), and owner of Monarch Health Sciences. The corporation took off quickly as a result of an airing on the Oprah Winfrey show, when Oprah and Dr Mehmet Oz featured the Acai berry. MonaVie was first to bring in the now prevalent Acai berry juice.

The media has been remarkably interested in the Acai berry and Mona Vie. Most reports have been upbeat and typically include flattering endorsement by well known celebrities like Brad Pitt, etc. In a SW Florida Fox4 News report, Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Papelbon gave a glowing testimony of the products great results for his performance. In addition, the University of Florida has reported hopeful mutagenic properties from lab tests, e.g. self-destruction of 86% of leukemia cells (there are no actual human studies on this). Another notable advocate of the Acai berry, mentioned in several investigative reports, is Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who refers to it as the perfect energy fruit.

On one report, 30-day trial results were aired from two subjects with arthritic symptoms. In this Fox4 News Report from March 26, 2008, neither reported major recovery in their condition:

MonaVies flagship cocktail is derivative from the Acai berry, which is found in the Amazon. It is united with 18 other fruits and berries and a liquid form of glucosamine to form a nutrient and anti-oxidant dense juice. MonaVie is a superfood as are scores of fruits and vegetables and provides the equal of 5 fruit servings per day at its recommended dose. This amounts to 2 ounces in the morning and evening, for a total of one bottle per week per person.

Quite a few online scams have been reported pertaining to Acai products, however none appear linked to MonaVie. Most of these involve Acai berry-derived weight loss pills. An analysis by the Ultimate Weight Loss Center, recognizes the beneficial properties of Acai, while cautioning of several of these scams. Their website has excellent recommendations for those interested in Acai berry juice and weight loss products.

One major issue with Monavie mentioned by many is the outlay. A single bottle is priced at $45 and would typically last one week. A months supply is approximately 180.00. Price, however doesnt seem to be a major issue with most distributors, who believe in the product and testify to resulting health benefits. Others may choose to buy from different sources, which appear to be readily on hand.

MonaVie was featured #7 trend on The Doctors Show The 10 Hottest Health Trends For 2009" episode , January 7th, 2009. This show provided a very positive product evaluation

Mona Vie is a viable network marketing corporation that can be a profitable home business for many people. Distributors receive a 20% discount on the product after they sign up with a $39 association. The compensation plan is a traditional binary plan, which pays 10% on matching team volume on a distributors business center. There are several additional ways to expand this through a bulk order bonus, executive check match bonus, leadership pools, a first order bonus, a star maker bonus, and the opportunity to earn off of multiple business centers. Overall, the company reportedly pays out more or less 50% of its net income to the distributor force, making it a very fair arrangement and an industry leader in this respect.

In other reports we've seen, only 10% of MonaVie distributors stick beyond 90 days. This may be about average in the MLM arena. The companys popularity has waned some since being #7 ranked in 2007 to #9 in 2008 in Network Marketing Todays annual Distributors Choice award. Regardless, the Acai berry and Monavies product and opportunity are well received in the industry and would be a good pick for many looking for a home business.

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