Jessica Alba Knew She Needed Cash

Jessica Alba Knew She Needed Cash The actress Jessica Alba felt an instant connection with Cash Warren who she tied the knot with in May 2008, shortly before she gave birth to their daughter Honor Marie - and had to call her pal to let them know she had found her 'Mr. Right'. She explained: "Right after I met Cash, I called my best friend and was like , 'I met this guy and I feel like I've known him forever and Im gonna know him for the rest of my life!' How sweet and touching! I really admire her resolution and unswerving love just as we can see in the above picture of the beatific woman. Well, look at her cool black sunglasses and leather jacket, I guess you guys like me also admire her. By the way, I really wonder what kind of cool shoes she wears, some friends guessed she must wear high-heeled designer shoes, but I thought she wore special and cool Women's Sport Shoes.

Anyway, thats just my opinion and I do think she would look more cool and resolute with womens sport shoes, classic white or black. Well, here comes reasons for my guess. First of all, the womens sport shoes do qualify as the most top-notch in terms of Women's Casual Shoe on the strength of the cozy and pleasant feeling contributed by the sport shoes. In this regard, the womens sport shoes not only make her comfortable but all the more stand for her current mood and mentality enchanted in endless happiness and comfort due to her lovely husband. In addition, the womens sport shoes, so to speak, look extraordinarily special and cool without much fanfare, so in this sense the sport shoes she wear just fit well with her cool and particular dresses. I guess thats her unique taste for fashion and beauty and actually Im her follower. Last but not least, the womens sport shoes have been sought after both on the Online Marketplace and at real department stores and stood for a new fashion statement. So Jessica Alba definitely deserves to be this fashion hierarch with the spectacular and fabulous womens sport shoes.

Well, what shoes she wears has nothing to do with us and her happiness actually counts more to we massive fans. Needless to say, we feel happy for her beatific marriage and will support her all the time.

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