How We Manufacture Solder Alloy?

How We Manufacture Solder Alloy? Solder alloy is a fusible metal alloy which can melt up to the range of 200 to 840 F in the process termed as soldering done to join metallic surfaces. Solder alloys are specifically used in plumbing and in electronics, in which solder is melted to mold broken equipment. The gravity of solder alloys is 7.0 12.

Uses of solder alloy

Solder alloy has the ability to mix easily with other metals thereby making solder alloy which can be used for various applications such as coating and pre-tinning. Solder alloy can be used for technical applications in the stained glass industry and also in electronics such as in computers and telecommunication. Flux core solder is used to eliminate impurities from contact points so as to improve the electronic connections.

Lead solder is abundantly used in joining as it solidifies slowly thereby making it easier for the plumber to expand it over the water pipe surface to ensure water tightness. Hard solders are used for brazing and abundantly required in jewelry making or in silversmithing. Enameling solder is used to prevent joint desoldering while firing in the enamelling process.

Manufacturing process of solder alloy

Solder alloys are manufactured from state-of-the-art technology which follows strict standards of operation done in selection of raw material used in forming solder alloy. The furnacing process is accomplished as per the specifications of solder alloy user-industry.

The solders alloys are exclusively manufactured to meet requirements of Japanese, Indian, British, German and American specifications. Online Solder Alloy Manufacturer companies like utilizes regularly updated technology so as to reduce product cost and ensure effective metal recovery with updated engineering techniques

Components used in the manufacturing of solder alloy

Solder alloy has mixture of lead and tin and provide mechanical strength, low melting point, wettability, improves ductility and increases strength without effecting wettability of the solder alloy. This is usually done from tin silver or copper combination.

In the manufacturing of tin based solders, various components are used such as tin, lead, antimony, Silver, Copper, Cadmium, Aluminum, Bismuth, Arsenic, iron, and zinc.

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