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Business Catalyst is a shopping cart solution provider and it is hosted by Abode. It is very reliable and easy to use. It has a very effective content management system with SEO facility. Since it is hosted by Adobe, the content management system is designed similar to its software such as Dreamweaver and Flash. So with a little hand on skills of website designing can be very helpful. It also allows its customers to HTML program their designs and upload it through FTP. Business Catalyst also allows their websites to be connected with RSS, Blogs and Forums and provides them with the facility to comment on the product. Business Catalyst is considered to be the best hosted cart on the internet.

Pro Stores is a very effective hosted shopping cart which is powered by eBay. You can choose a template for your business or you can hire a designer for a more custom website design. The best feature about the Pro Stores is that you can also view your products in eBay. It is very easy to manage products because the products are divided into categories. The administration section shows all stats such as pending orders, orders ready for shipping and orders shipped. It also shows customer information such as customer orders.

Shopify is one of the best cart solution provider on the internet. The first thing that their customer notices is the glossy look of the website. It gives a nice impression with all the features defined in the tour. The Shopify comes in different plans which a customer can choose according to their budget and start a store in no time. The website designs are completely customable and with domain of customers choice (incase of its availability). The best feature about Shopify is its Pixel Printer application. It allows to print customable labels and receipts. Another useful feature is Mapify which allows viewing the location of the buyers on a world map. Beside the glossy look of Shopify it has other notable features such as unlimited bandwidth usage which allows to have unlimited number of customers

Another worth mentioning hosted shopping cart provider is Store Front which provides advance encryption system for better security. It offers useful features such as automated taxation and Google Analytics. It also provides real time shipping rates which help you estimate your spending. There are numerous hosted shopping cart solution providers and it is important to choose that meets your requirements the best.

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Hosted Shopping Cart - Perfect Solution To Start Your Business Virginia Hosted Shopping Cart - Perfect Solution To Start Your Business Ashburn