Help With Your Student Loan by:Lisa Max

Help With Your Student Loan by:Lisa Max

Help With Student Loans For College

Are you looking for student loan debt relief? It's a great accomplishment to graduate from college, but when you come out with a huge burden of student loan debt, it doesn't help you start your new life off on the best foot. Many students graduate with $20,000 or more in student loan debt.

When you are first starting out it can be hard to earn enough income to cover all of your living expenses, plus pay down your student loan fast.

Often, students will struggle to pay back their loans, and sometimes they default on the loan altogether. This is a bad move because it will damage your credit rating, and nowadays some employers check your credit as part of the hiring process. Don't let this happen to you - find student loan debt relief options that will help.

Student Loan Debt Repayment Options

When it comes to paying off student loans, you have some options for student loan debt relief. Make sure you understand your budget so you can develop a realistic financial plan that you can stick with.Help With Your Student Loan by:Lisa Max

Typically, you will have a grace period following graduation, before loan repayment is due. This is usually about 6-9 months following the end of your education. And, some loans will require repayment only of interest, starting immediately.

Obviously, you will want to find a job so you can begin saving money to begin paying down the loan. This is a good time to start setting aside money and getting in the habit of paying the loan payment each month, even if it isn't due yet. Discipline is key to repaying student loans.

If you are struggling to make payments, here are some options to explore for student loan debt relief:

* Look into alternative repayment programs. For example, see if you can get an extended loan term to decrease payments by extending your loan over a longer time period.

* Apply for an economic hardship deferment to see if you can reduce or suspend monthly payments. Visit for more information.

* Federal loans that are granted through the direct loan program may qualify for an income contingent repayment plan. Or, they may qualify for an income-based repayment program, with payments that are arranged based on your income.

* You can contact your lenders and find out if you can lower your interest rate, or you may be able to get a debt consolidation loan.

* Don't just ignore the loan or stop making payments, you could end up with wage garnishments and damaged credit rating.

* If you have suffered an accident or disability, you may consider requesting a loan cancellation. Military personnel may also qualify for a cancellation in student loans.

* If you have fallen on hard times, but you previously paid your monthly installments in good faith, you may also qualify for a postponement in payments. This is called a deferment request.

* A forbearance is another option. This allows you to temporarily reduce your payments until you get back on track.Help With Your Student Loan by:Lisa Max

What if You Do Default On the Loan Repayments?

Are you falling behind and defaulting on the repayments of your student loan? If you do default on the loan your creditors could require full repayment of your debt, or they could turn over the debt to a debt collector. As a consequence, you could even incur late charges and collection fees, as well as damaged credit.

In case your loans already entered the default status, don't worry. You still have hopes. Simply contact your lender to make an arrangement so you can begin to repay the loan.

After you have made twelve student loan debt payments and received "rehabilitation" status, you will no longer be considered in default. Credit bureaus will eliminate the default record from your credit reports.

Student loan debt relief can be accomplished by working with your creditors and lenders to find a solution that works for you.

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