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Green Companies How Investing in Green Companies Can Save the Planet

As the seasons change we notice the beauty of the trees and changing colors. The reds, oranges, and purples are a beautiful sight. Most of us are fortunate to see the beauty of the changing seasons because there are trees in abundance. For those who live in cities devoid of greenery, they can appreciate the flora and fauna of the country side.

Countries all around the world are in danger of becoming a desert wasteland because the trees are being cut down for buildings and other modern necessities. The problem arises when the land is left barren because new trees arent planted. This neglect leads to further damage to the environment.

Corporations have long put their financial goals ahead of the needs of the planet. Millions of gallons of toxic waste are dumped into our oceans. It seems energy efficiency is at the bottom of the list of concerns when new buildings are erected. The planets resources, from oil to trees, are being used up without regard to the future of our children.

Unfortunately the people who call for change are often seen as tree huggers and extremist. Corporate irresponsibility is dismissed so the cycle continues. What if there were solutions to this problem? A closer look would reveal the many initiatives around the world whose goal is to preserve the environment and make the world safer for the future generations.

Many argue that its too costly to fix the problem and that consumerism is too deep. The problems are made worse because the loudest voices, that of advertisers and big business continue to seduce the public with bigger, better, shinier things. A few environmentally aware citizens of the earth have begun to make changes by recycling, picking up trash, buying locally, and spreading the word about the dangers our world is in.

A few corporations have picked up on this trend. Whether because they really care or they are just catering to another marketing segment, they are making small changes. As the awareness increases more people are paying attention to where their dollars go and what companies they invest with.

If you want your money to be put to good use, invest in a green company. Your dollars will go toward saving our planet and the return will be much more than you can imagine. One company that offers green solutions is Robinia Invest a forestry organization. To learn more visit

by: Gary Green

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