Credit Counseling by:Michael Anderson

Credit Counseling by:Michael Anderson

Counseling agencies can help you get your credit card, and other debts, under control. The counseling agency typically negotiates with your creditors to lower the interest rates and payments. The agency then acts as the payee, you write one check a month to cover all of your debt repayments and the agency pays each of them for you.

Agencies can help you avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, deal with judgements and payroll garnishments, stop collection agencies from harassing you, and help you fix problems on your credit report. They can also deal with back taxes, credit fraud and identity theft, and even help you buy a house or car with a bad credit record.

Most agencies are nonprofit and are paid by creditors for helping them receive their payments. Some charge a minimal fee of $1-50 for their services, but a vast majority offer their services for free.

Beware of any agency or company that says they can wipe your bad debts off your credit record, only inaccurate information can be fixed or removed from your record.

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