Corporate Incentives

Corporate Incentives

Corporate gifts can be an effective way to show your appreciation to fellow workers or incentivise or reward employees for impressive performance. Choosing the right corporate incentive depends on a number of factors, including the age, gender and status of the person or group you're presenting it to, and the size of your company.

If you run a small organisation where everyone is on first-name terms and regularly socialises outside of work, personalising your corporate incentives can work just fine - whereas buying gifts such as clothes could be seen as inappropriately personal in more distant working relationships. The same could be true for more intimate items of jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces, although an expensive watch is a time-honoured and appropriate gift idea.

Gender differences are another area that requires careful consideration. While you will obviously want to avoid distributing inappropriate items such as handbags to men, giving specified 'manly' or 'girly' gifts to respective employees could have negative connotations. That's why opting for something less personal can be a wise idea, even extending to giving identical or near-identical gifts - that way, workers will also feel they are on even terms.

Setting an appropriate value for corporate incentives can be a delicate business, as you'll want to show genuine appreciation without damaging the bottom line. Employees are unlikely to judge gifts by their monetary value alone if they are well chosen and appropriate, meaning the primary consideration is to avoid tackiness. On the other hand, if the incentive or reward you are giving is a monumental one, giving an idea of the expense involved could help to demonstrate your appreciation - as long as it doesn't appear too showy.

Choosing products from outside organisations with which your company has no contractual dealings can also avoid giving the impression that you are passing on reduced value gifts - for instance, a wine manufacturer giving away bottles of their own brand will rightfully be seen as cheap, whilst a financial organisation handing out chocolate hampers to reward employees for their hard work can be graciously received.

Corporate incentives can be highly effective for making workers at all levels feel appreciated as well as boosting motivation. A little thought can go a long way when giving out appropriate gifts, whether that means taking time to get to know your workers and their unique interests or personalising gift hampers.

Corporate Incentives

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