Choose Wholesale Candles That Incorporate Pure And Natural Essential Oils

Choose Wholesale Candles That Incorporate Pure And Natural Essential Oils In our modern civilization we mostly rely on bright electric light to illuminate our homes during the evenings, but no matter how advanced our technology, we cannot recreate the soothing glow of natural candlelight. Wholesale candles available today contain a wide range of natural oils to delicately scent any room in a very affordable price range.

A fragranced candle alters the atmosphere of any room, releasing soothing fragrances in a tradition that has spanned many centuries. Scientifically reproduced synthetic fragrances are now substituted as a cheaper option derived fro petrochemicals that are similar in fragrance but contain harmful toxins. Pure, natural scented oils are always preferable to these synthetic options.

Do not be fooled into thinking that wholesale candles contain cheap synthetic reproductions of natural fragrances. Quantity does not always mean a lowering of quality and candle manufacturers take great pride in delivering a superior product that will provide you with hours of fragranced light.

Whether you want a special ambience for a dinner party or are planning a romantic candle lit dinner for two, scented candles are a must have accessory. These scented oils release their aroma when they are subjected to a heat source, such as candle light and they imbue the air with their unique natural scent. A great variety of fragrances are available, ranging from lavender, rose, peppermint, citronella, ylang ylang and others.

On the other hand, your synthetically derived fragrances are made from petrochemicals and contain aldehyde, benzene and other toxic derivatives. These carcinogenic chemicals are also known to have other negative effects, like affecting the central nervous system, causing severe allergic reactions and even being responsible for severe birth defects. These toxins are released into the air when you burn a synthetically fragranced candle!

It is a far healthier idea to buy wholesale candles that contain pure scented oils that have been derived from the flowers, seeds and berries of aromatic plants. They contain no harmful chemicals and do not cause allergic reactions or other negative side effects when lit. You can enjoy a better quality of fragrance and rest easy in the knowledge that naturally scented oils have a soothing and calming effect and are known to aid in stress relief. It is a well-known fact that essential oils like lavender promote peaceful sleep and relaxation.

To improve the quality of their candles, some manufacturers will add naturally scented oils to the synthetic fragrances to strengthen the fragrance and for a longer shelf life. They may promote their products as containing pure essential oils, but they also contain harmful carcinogens. Be aware when purchasing candles that you check the ingredients on the labels before buying

It can only make sense to select the goodness of candles containing natural essential oils over the synthetically derived fragrances that emit harmful toxins into the atmosphere when lit. It can be likened to choosing between spending a few hours in a peaceful and fragrant meadow or rather electing to inhale the exhaust fumes on a busy road instead. The natural products wins out over the synthetic one every time.

by: Matt Fuller.

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