Business Center "the Entire Sales Boom" Surging Housing Enterprises, "retail Wholesale Switch To" Sa

Business Center "the Entire Sales Boom" Surging Housing Enterprises, "retail Wholesale Switch To" Sa In Shanghai, the U.S. Carlyle 1.99 billion yuan to buy Indonesia's Salim No. 8 Jinan Road, apartments, Grosvenor 1.2 billion acquisition of the Morgan Stanley Mountain, the summer capital Apartments are all consistent with the overall style of the property of foreign capital has always acquisition.

In Beijing, this year has been traded or intention to sell the entire property, nearly 10 cases have been in the open market of 2.2 billion acquisition of such a rich Pacific Insurance Building, Everbright Bank, 2.3 billion acquisition of Golden Kee Building, 1.5 billion Pacific Investment Group Pangu Plaza 64 to buy an apartment, COFCO 1.4 billion acquisition of Albemarle Road, A1 Building, Harvest Fund's fifth acquisition in the second ring, etc. Square.

According to industry sources, the entire sale has become a trend reflects the real estate market is very grim.

House prices accelerated in the period, the developer of the enclosures of the increased cost of holding land, but the present circumstances, the further shrinkage of the financing channels and the sales pace slowed, developers are leading to the capital chain tension. Not clear in the future under the premise of the market, on the one hand no longer blindly take, the land developer Liupai phenomenon is made in line with increased natural choice, on the other hand on the disposal of property assets held, will be able to replenish Enterprise cash flow, to maintain the possibility of further development. From this point of view, the property seems to be the developer of the whole self-redemption sale the last straw. Consulting think tank, the five co-general manager of Zou Yi admitted.

It is worth mentioning that the sale side showed the last straw, the large state-owned enterprises and foreign funds seems to be the savior. Zou Yi analysis, in recent years significantly increased the profitability of large state-owned enterprises, their capital can not be ignored, and with the financial and accounting policy changes, the price of fixed assets are stated at market assessment will be the center city to enhance the value of some properties will allow these enterprises willing to hold such assets, thus become the most important whole sale participant; overseas funds to buy out the property has been characterized by low investment returns of international markets and the expected appreciation of the yuan to continue to make foreign investment in China that the property remains yes a kind of good choices, but after the implementation of limited Wailing, foreign funds are subject to certain Chengdu action on the constraints, Zheng sale of state-owned enterprises participation will benefit less than Taixing.

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Business Center"whole sale" wave surging housing enterprises, "retail wholesale switch to" save money chain

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The entire sales surging property market seems to have inadvertently formed out of its back surface is passive and the entire sale developers to ease the negative impact of macroeconomic and market situation of self-preservation mentality.

Sales trends throughout the market in the first-tier cities are evidence of entire property sales this year of events from time to time, including the original developer of property rent not buy the whole transfer, but also developers to adjust marketing, retail, wholesale switch to most efficient capital return.

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Business Center "the Entire Sales Boom" Surging Housing Enterprises, "retail Wholesale Switch To" Sa Virginia Business Center "the Entire Sales Boom" Surging Housing Enterprises, "retail Wholesale Switch To" Sa Ashburn