A Virtual Phone System For Maximum Efficiency In Your Business

A Virtual Phone System For Maximum Efficiency In Your Business There are many benefits that stem from the set up and use of a virtual phone system. To start, one important benefit of a virtual phone system is the call distribution feature. Taking advantage of the call distribution features in a virtual phone system allows business to set up rules on how they want their calls distributed. What this feature can do is direct calls from potential and returning customers to agents or service representatives automatically with little to no waiting time.

Increasing customer satisfaction is important to any type of business that deals with customer relations. This is something that can be done with a virtual phone system. And, instead of having customers wait for long periods of time to speak with an agent, the call distribution feature in a virtual phone system shortens the period of time between customer and agent connection. Call distribution features in a virtual phone system would increase employee productivity because incoming calls would not sit in an employee's queue. On the other side, there is an increase in customer satisfaction is because people do not like being put on hold for long periods of time while trying to take care of a simple matter. In the end, increased productivity and increased customer satisfaction occur because of the call distributon feature in a virtual phone system.

Another benefit of a virtual phone system that is useful to the individual is voice mail to text transcription. If one is in a setting where cell phone use is impolite, the voice mail to text transcription will come in handy. Rather than having to excuse oneself to a quiet area, one can use the voice mail to text transcription to receive important voice mails via text. The way this function works is when a voice mail is received, the system transcribes the voice mail to a text message that can be read. Then, to take this a step further, the newly converted voice mail can be either forwarded as an email or sent to other parties that need or want to know the information from the transcribed voice mail.

Another benefit of enabling this feature in a virtual phone system is the voice mails that are transcribed can also be sent from remote locations. In other words, if there is an office meeting in New York City and a newly transcribed voice mail is received and the information needs to get to someone in Los Angeles, then this can be sent as another text message or an email to that person in Los Angeles without a phone call having to be made. This system also works for international businesses. Since people involved in international business are usually in different time zones, using the voice mail to text transcription would allow information to go from Boston to Japan within minutes.

The next beneficial part of a virtual phone system is the recorded information boxes that can be set up. There are a few reasons why this feature is good to look into. For instance, a company has a large volume of calls coming in daily. Without the recorded information boxes, the phone lines would be jammed and then all of the negative effects would snowball from there. But, with these recorded information boxes within a virtual phone system, calls from customers can be directed a lot more easily. In addition, recorded information boxes help people to find the information that is needed without having to be on hold waiting to speak with someone. For example, if someone wants to know the hours of operation, the recorded information boxes make obtaining this information easier and more efficient. In any type of business, efficiency is key and having recorded information boxes will do nothing more than add to the efficiency of the business.

Besides having recorded information boxes with a virtual phone system, faxes can be integrated into a much simpler email system. There will be a time in the office or even at home, (for those who work in a home based office) where a fax will come in and nobody will be there to receive it and respond appropriately. On the other hand, with a virtual phone system and their integrated email fax system, there will not be the need to worry about important faxes that are sitting in the tray.

One way that small businesses can compete with their competition is to work more efficiently. A virtual phone system allows a small business to have a professional communications system that will also streamline customer service and other important processes

by: Brandi Armstrong

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Brandi Armstrong is an expert author on virtual telecommunications solutions for small businesses. To get a FREE trial of a leading virtual phone system visit http://www.VirtualTollFree.com today.

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