3 Totally Awesome Seo Tips You Can Use For Your Local Business

3 Totally Awesome Seo Tips You Can Use For Your Local Business Your site should always have content that is interesting and useful to visitors. Why do you try to create a good SEO campaign? You want to bring quality visitors to your site. Therefore, you need quality content on your site so that visitors will come and possibly buy something from you. Most of the people who will visit your site won't be reading all of your content on the website, but they will simply go through it or scan it. Make any especially important content stand out to your readers by using devices such as highlighting or a bulleted list. Another way to accomplish this is by using pictures. While you want to use your main keywords, don't use them too much, as the search engines may penalize you for this.

It's a good idea to take advantage of services such as Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo! Local, and claiming your profile is your first step on these sites. These sites all ask you if you want to claim your profile, and to do this involves a simple verification process that has a few simple steps such as a phone call to verify your information. This doesn't take much time but it will definitely give you an edge over the others who haven't done it. Another way to easily improve your image in the minds of search engine users is to simply post pictures of you or your business to local site listings, as this makes you seem more open and honest. So to make sure this process goes smooth and people see good, worthy pictures, upload a few from your site. You want to portray your business as impressively as possible, so you should use quality pictures, though they don't have to be perfect.

Try to diversify your anchor text. Long tail keywords can do quite a bit to help you with your Local SEO efforts--every SEO marketer understands just how valuable long tail keywords can be with search engine marketing. Long tail keywords allow you to play around with the anchor texts of your links, the diversification of your anchor texts and you are better able to expand your efforts. Using "New York Chocolate Store" is just one option available to you if you are selling chocolate in New York (to use one example). Try to create incoming links that use other types of the same phrase like "Chocolate Store in New York" or "Chocolate Stores in Manhattan, New York." Whatever you do, don't forget that search engines place a lot of value on anchor texts which means that you need to use as many variations as you can if you want to raise your rankings3 Totally Awesome Seo Tips You Can Use For Your Local Business

In conclusion, by keeping these local SEO strategies in mind, you can get more traffic and better ranking for your local business.

by: Dario Montes de Oca

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