The Benefits of Using Gas Credit Cards by:Morgan Hamilton

The Benefits of Using Gas Credit Cards by:Morgan Hamilton

Time is a luxury that most people do not have. Time is a valuable commodity, especially for busy men such as myself. I am a salesman and I often have to visit a lot of places in order to reach my quotas. Fortunately for me, there are things such as gas credit cards that make it convenient and less costly for me to refuel.

If you are not familiar with this type of credit card I suggest that you check out cyberspace to get information about them. The Internet can also give you sites that will aid you in finding offers from various gas companies like Conoco, Hess, Marathon, Citgo and Phillips 66. You will also find gas credit cards that can be used to buy gas from any gas station.

Gas credit cards offer different types of promotions and rebates to catch the attention of car owners throughout the country. Marathon gas credit cards offer a 10% rebate on Marathon Midwest and Southeast gas stations, for the opening sixty days. After that period, you'll realize a continuous 5% rebate.

This gas credit card will not charge you an annual fee for the first year. In addition, if you use this credit card for nine purchases for the year, you will not be obligated to pay the usual $90 yearly fee for the following year. The rate on this card might be as low as 13.99% depending on your credit. You will enjoy no fee and zero percent APR on any balance transfers.

Hess gas credit cards on the other hand, offer you promotions for free gas and merchandise at all Hess, Hess Express and Wilco Hess location. You will earn a 10% rebate during the ninety day introductory period. After which you will net a 5% rebate for every Hess purchase while purchases from other gas stations will give you a 1% rebate. If choose to get the Hess platinum gas credit cards, your preliminary APR is zero balance and can last up to six months. You will not be charged for any yearly fee with this credit card.

Chase PerfectCard is also one of the gas credit cards that are featured on the World-Wide -Web. It offers a rebate of 6% for the preliminary ninety days, which is good on any gas purchase. Once this ninety day period ends, you will enjoy a one percent rebate on whatever you procure at restaurants, clothing retailers, and grocery stores. You will also earn a 3 % rebate at all gas station purchases after the introductory period.The Benefits of Using Gas Credit Cards by:Morgan Hamilton

Your APR is also fixed at zero percent on any balance you transfer to the cards for as long as nine months. Depending on your credit card, you can earn a rate under 14% and will not be charged for any annual fee. You can choose to waive this annual fee by making a minimum of nine purchasers for the year.

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The Benefits of Using Gas Credit Cards by:Morgan Hamilton Virginia The Benefits of Using Gas Credit Cards by:Morgan Hamilton Ashburn