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Syncrude, Canada, Commercial Asset Valuation And Forecast To 2057 - Aarkstore Enterprise Aarkstore announce a new report "Syncrude, Canada, Commercial Asset Valuation and Forecast to 2057 " through its vast collection of market research report.

Syncrude, Canada, Commercial Asset Valuation and Forecast to 2057 - Syncrude is located in prolific Athabasca basin of Alberta province in Canada. Syncrude is an oil sands mine that covers a total area of 258,000 hectares of open lands in the province. Syncrude Canada Ltd. is the operator of the field and is one of the largest producers of crude oil from Oil Sands in the world. Syncrude is the worlds largest single oil deposit discovered after Saudi Arabia. The field (or mine) produced about 13% of the Canadas total oil crude oil requirement during 2009. Syncrude produces bitumen from Mildred Lake and Aurora Mines facilities in eight leases.

Syncrude Canada Ltd. is a joint venture between seven companies with Canadian Oil Sands Trust as a major partner with 36.74% equity stake. All the partners act as the project owners represented by Syncrude Canada Ltd. They take their equity in kind and market their own share of Synthetic Crude Oil (SCO) produced from Syncrude.

Syncrude produces a single product called Syncrude Sweet Blend (SSB) which is a synthetic crude oil primarily comprising naphtha, light gas oil and heavy gas oil. Syncrude Sweet Blend (SSB) is a 100% upgraded, high quality product with 30 to 32 API, low sulphur (0.1 - 0.2%), low residuals and excellent low temperature and pour qualities. The price of SSB is at par with the West Texas Intermediate (WTI).

Syncrude produced 102.68 million barrels of crude oil during 2009 and has a current capacity of 185-200 million barrels per year. The owners of the field are planning to expand the capacity in two development phases within next 10-12 years.

The field (or mine) life of Syncrude is expected to be around 80 years with complete abandonment during 2057. The field is expected to generate $631.2 billion in revenues (undiscounted) during its remaining life (starting 1/1/2010) and is expected to yield an IRR of around 14.76%


- The report provides detailed information on oil and gas production, infrastructure, reserves, geology, operator and equity partners and the latest fiscal terms applicable to the asset and provides its fair value (Remaining Net Present Value) based on remaining reserves, forecast production, capital and operational costs, fiscal regime and commodity prices.

- The report also provides additional valuation parameters like Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index (PI), Pay Back (discounted and undiscounted), Entitlement Production (EP) and Working Interest (WI) to enhance your decision making process.

- This report provides detailed sensitivity analysis of the remaining NPV with changes in the commodity prices, discount rate, production and key fiscal terms.

- Detailed cash flows over the life of the asset are included in the report. These cash flows cover a wide range of calculations related to various payments to the government/licensing authority.

- Interactive Excel models can be used to derive custom valuations, sensitivities and cash flows based on the specific inputs by the user in the model. These custom inputs vary from production data, cost information, price information and fiscal terms information.

Reasons to buy

- Make well informed investment decisions based on detailed operational analysis and cash flow forecasts

- Estimate the fair value of your future investment under different economic and fiscal conditions

- Value a prospective investment target through a comprehensive analysis using focused forecasting and valuation methodologies.

- Supporting interactive excel model will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manne

- Evaluate how the changes in the countrys fiscal policies impact the cash flows and the present value of the asset

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