Eco-friendly Clothing: Bamboo And Cashmere

Eco-friendly Clothing: Bamboo And Cashmere Although the first thing that people think of when they think of bamboo is not clothing, along with cashmere it is actually some of the softest and most luxurious fibers available today. It is said that it is softer than cotton and has a drape that is like silk. It is also less expensive and more durable. It is this luxury that makes it some of the most popular new fabrics today for clothing, bedding, and baby wear too. Cashmere is also similarly soft and luxurious, although it is much more expensive usually.

The feel of bamboo is said to be very close to cashmere, which surprises many people, especially those who first think of it as being the hard wood that is used in landscaping and construction. However, it is not actually a wood, but instead is a very sturdy, luxurious and beautiful grass. Although many people still do not have any idea that it is used as a fabric, it is becoming more popular in the midst of the green revolution that is overtaking the globe. People are able to afford luxurious fabric that is also durable and fashionable. This new fabric is excellent for people of all skin types to wear, and it is comfortable in all seasons. Although it is very breathable for warm summers it is also very warm and cozy for cold winter days as well. Even on the hottest summer days, it does not tend to stick to the skin and keeps the wearer cool and dry.

What makes bamboo such a popular alternative to cashmere too is the fact that it is an excellent green fabric. Unlike other forest trees that require a good 50 or 60 years to recover, bamboo is a similar plant (although not a tree) that can grow up to 3.5 feet per day and only takes 2 3 years to recover. The plantations that grow them use less energy to maintain than other types of plantations do. In addition, this type of plant can also survive through both floods and droughts. Eco-friendly Clothing: Bamboo And Cashmere

Usually companies use raw bamboo that is about three to four years old. The fiber for clothing is 100% bamboo and is completely biodegradable in soil. The vast networks of its roots ensure that the plants enjoy high sustainability. Although similar in texture to cashmere, bamboo is being hailed as the eco friendly new textile for todays Earth.

by: Phoenix Delray

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