A New Website For Buying Used Medical Equipment At Auction

A New Website For Buying Used Medical Equipment At Auction It might be difficult to see the connection between keeping medical costs down and protecting the environment. Medflip, however, is a new website for the buying and selling of used medical equipment which can do both of these things.

Medflip is a new company based in Albuquerque, NM, and has developed a dynamic and innovative new auction website for used medical equipment. Both new and used medical equipment is in fact available here and the site serves all kinds of medical professionals including equipment manufacturers, surgeries, clinics and hospitals.

Medical professionals are aware that it is a drain on finances to have equipment lying around not used, and that it is a waste to have it there when it could be improving patient care in other facilities, especially rural ones whose resources are limited. Medflip aims to fill these needs via a website which sells good quality used medical equipment.

Buying used medical equipment through Medflips online auctions is secure. Company staff will also assist with packing and shipping. The items listed are all owned by the companys client network, and not by the company itself.

The sales team at Medflip are very knowledgeable about the used medical equipment for sale and understand how it all works. They are also dedicated to helping their customers with all aspects of the sale process.

Have a look at the categories of items on Medflips site at Medflip and you will see the wide range of used medical equipment types available there. For example, in the neonatal category you will find bilirubinometer and bili lights. Smaller hospitals could use these in the treatment of newborn infants with jaundice.

This is a condition which commonly affects neonatal infants, since their liver is not fully developed and may not be able to process bilirubin. This is a bile pigment resulting from the digestion of the heme component of hemoglobin. Medflip can provide the equipment a smaller hospital could use to care for these new babies so that they dont have to be sent to larger hospitals in the city

Medflip also has categories which can be of assistance for elderly patients in maintaining mobility, a key part of quality of life. Items of used medical equipment for sale include walkers, crutches and canes, plus larger items like motorized scooters and wheelchairs. In addition, there are categories for lift chairs, bath chairs and blood sugar monitors. You can also even find continuous passive motion or CPM machines, beneficial for patients following knee replacement surgery, helping regain muscle strength by slowly flexing the joint.

You can clearly see how you can save money by buying used medical equipment through Medflip. An additional benefit is that each time someone buys a piece of used medical equipment, one less item of equipment needs to be manufactured. Two of environmental sustainabilitys key concepts are reusing and recycling, cutting down waste and manufacturing emissions plus resources used in new equipment manufacture.

Medflip offers incentives for new users who buy or sell used medical equipment through the site, including unlimited listings and free advertising.

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If you are in need of medical equipment but cannot afford new items, then Used Medical Equipment available on Medflip offers you a good alternative. Here you will find good quality Used Medical Equipment at down to earth prices.

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